List Manipulator 0.34b5

Brought to you by the JavaScript Factory, a division of LinkedResources

Paste your list into the leftmost text area. Choose [What To Do]. Click [Create Result List]. Repeat as needed.

Several of these buttons let you easily move your lists into the different fields if you are doing a complex manipulation. Such a manipulation might be taking a list of names (eg. John Doe) and producing a list in the form

Send E-Mail to John Doe at <a href=""></a>.

* Special Note: Because of how this scriptlet parses lists, you cannot add the return character as part of your manipulation. Instead, once you are done, use your text editor (I recommend BBEditTextWrangler) to search for the commented return text and replace it with an actual return character.

Working List
Add-On List
Holding Space
Resulting List
Current issues and compatibility:

  1. Safari - moving your mouse speeds things up - a lot. I think it's a bug.
  2. Chimera requires that you select Unix line endings (see far lower right).