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About FormMemory(TM)

In a Nutshell
FormMemory lets you save form data prior to submission.
FormMemory lets you fill in forms automatically from archived information.

Longer Description
Once a site visitor has completed (or partially completed) a form on a Web page, he can click a button to archive the information and save it for future use. That archive can then be used to fill in any other form which uses the FormMemory technology (to the extent that the information exists in the archive).

Benefits of FormMemory include:
  • Website visitors can easily complete forms using archived information.
  • Form data can be saved for future reference.
  • Long forms can be created and used, since it is now possible to "save your work" as you go. No more sending information to the server in dribs and drabs. No longer are your customers held hostage by your server side programming.
  • If the information on a form needs updating, this is easily accomplished using archived information and just changing what needs changing.
  • Saving your work as you go avoids that sick feeling you get when the power goes out or the server mishandles your submission.

User information
There are two groups to which formMemory is targeted, and the implementations require a little explanation.

Site Visitors (Webmasters - this means your customers)
  1. As a site visitor, if you encounter a form using the FormMemory techology, you will find familiar and friendly instructions. If you can copy, paste, and save a text file, you're set.
  2. As a site visitor, you may also encounter forms lacking the formMemory technology. Mac users (MacOS 8.6) can use the power of Applescript to add the formMemory technology to existing forms in mere seconds. Download autoFormMem_v0.1.sit (it is a stuffit (5.0) archive of a run-only application and read me file). Windows users... well, it just can't be done simply. If you're brave, use the professional conversion tool.

Webmasters (HTML authors / Web site developers)
You can add the FormMemory technology to your pages. For now, read the information below. As needs dictate, a more comprehensive separate page will be posted.

Visit a Demo Page
It's located right here. Note that it appears in its own window; this is a necessary feature of FormMemory.

"User Delighting" Features
  • Recover From Reset - if the user accidently hits "RESET" and erases the form, recovery is possible with a single click
  • Suggested File Name - suggesting the name to use makes it much quicker to locate saved archives in the future
  • With a Mac, a single click in the archive field selects all the text, saving time. The text can then be dragged and dropped directly to a popup folder for easy access.

Future Plans
  • Archive manager - you've now collected fifteen archives? What a nightmare! Merge them into a common archive if you wish.
  • Form element naming conventions - no more "address", "addressline1","addrl1", etc.
  • For Mac Users - save and paste in archives with a single click

Information for Webmasters

Enhance Your Own Forms For Free
If you are interested in adding the FormMemory technology to your own forms, you can, and easily. Please read the following guidelines and restrictions, then follow one of the links below.
  1. You will not modify my code. You will especially not modify it and distribute it to others. If you have suggestions, tell me.
  2. You will abide by the licensing guidelines.
  3. You must speak well of me amongst your friends if you like FormMemory, and contact me directly (jwbaumann(shift-2)linkedresources(dot)com) if you don't. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
  4. You must be a Mac Evangelist :-) Well, not really, but it helps.
To try it out, think of one of your HTML pages containing a form, then click here.
If your monitor is 800x600 pixels or bigger, click here.

Additional Features (instructions on how to use these will be provided once your licensing fee is received)
  • State Code Lookup Helper - don't remember the postal code for Maine? It's right there, along with a bunch of codes you probably didn't even know existed. When you select one, the appropriate text field is automatically filled in.
  • Smart Phone Number Entry - no matter how badly the number is entered, smartEntry will sort it out.
  • Password encryption - rudimentary, but quite good for credit card numbers.
  • The "snap" function which allows easy page navigation.
  • ...and a few other nice features.

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