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FormMemory(TM) Licensing Terms

In a Nutshell
Don't alter the 2 (two) ".js" files which are the core of FormMemory. Period.
If you are using FormMemory in a "for profit" setting, you owe me a licensing fee.

In Detail
As of February 22, 1999, the current versions of the FormMemory Javascripts are:
  • formmemory_v0.34.js
  • pagewriteroutines_v0.13.js

These are not to be altered in any way without express written permission from the author, Jeffrey W. Baumann (contact link below). Period. Those of you who have created any sort of software for public distribution know why this is so important.

As of February 22, 1999, the current version of the FormMemory AppleScript is:
  • autoFormMem_v0.05

The AppleScript application may be used free of charge, and the code may be modified, but it may not be distributed. Refer people to http://www.linkedresources.com/tools/formmemory.html instead.

The FormMemory Page Converter tool is for your convenience. Any code produced by it may be altered or modified as you see fit, with the sole exception being that the enhanced page must retain the reference and link to the FormMemory home page at the top. Remember that you make changes at your own risk.

The Bottom Line
Under the following circumstances, FormMemory may be used with your HTML forms indefinitely and at no charge:
  • The form is for personal use on your personal computer or in your personal Web space.
  • The form is for a non-profit organization and the form does not involve the solicitation of funds or sale of any item or service.

Under the following circumstances, use of FormMemory requires payment of a licensing fee:
  • The form is used in any way which involves financial information or financial transactions.
  • The form is used in a way which materially enhances an organization's revenues.
  • The form is used to collect information about potential or existing customers of a for profit enterprise.

The licensing fees are as follows:
  • A single form, on a single site: $10.00 (US)
  • Multiple forms on one site (site license): $100.00
    (Let's be honest - Web sites either have one form, or a lot of forms; rarely 2 or 3)
  • Multiple forms by one Web site designer/design firm (developer license): $1000
  • All the rights to FormMemory (including the right to sell, sublicense, modify, etc.): $1,000,000 (remember, Bill Gates bought DOS for $50,000 - I'm not repeating that mistake).

For now, payments may be sent to:
Jeffrey W Baumann
10452 Mississippi Blvd NW, Suite 336
Coon Rapids MN 55433-4523
Please include the URL(s) of your site(s) and form(s). You may e-mail them to me (jwbaumann@filter.linkedresources.com) as long as you include enough information for me to match your payment to your site. Yes, I will get a form up soon to submit this info.

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