Having Trouble Connecting to EMILY™?

If you are having trouble connecting to EMILY™, and you are certain there is nothing wrong with your computer or Internet connection, the most likely reason is that Internet Explorer doesn't like the security certificate being used by EMILY. Until this can be resolved at the server level, there are three possible solutions.

Switch to Firefox (it's FREE!). Download it here (It's EASY!). Firefox is a very good browser, and you should consider using it routinely.

Switch to Macintosh and use Safari. MacOSX is a very good operating system, and you should consider using it routinely.

Connect to EMILY without an encrypted connection (not recommended). If you choose this route, be aware that any information you submit or retrieve will be sent over an INSECURE connection, and therefore your privacy may be compromised. Accessing EMILY insecurely is completely at your own risk. To proceed to EMILY without encryption, type the words "not secure" in this box
       and then click     

Note that you may get a message regarding the security certificate with any browser. This is not a concern, and you may feel confident in proceeding if you see such a message. Be sure to look for the lock icon in your browser, which indicates a secure connection was successfully established.

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