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Tools List

Most of these are not being actively updated. Many have seen technology pass them by. Use at your own risk.

List Manipulator

This utility allows one to apply consistent manipulations to lists of text or data, such as adding "<li>" before each element, or converting to lower case, squeezing out the white space, and adding "" to each item to mass-produce an e-mail list. This is exceptionally useful for rapid creation of HTML tables. Another great time-saver.

Crontab Backup Script Builder

This utility will create code that can be pasted into your Unix shell crontab for a robust rolling backup mechanism. The result will be automated daily, weekly, monthly, and twice hourly ibd file and mysqldump->.sql backups such that you will always have a dozen backup copies of varying recent ages.

Text Unescape Utility

This simple utility allows one to convert "URL-encoded" text between the encoded and unencoded states. This is particularly useful in working with form data submitted by e-mail.


A totally non-conformist, non-standard way to encrypt text. Paste, click, copy and send as an e-mail. As long as your recipient knows your encryption code (a number between 3 and 999), s/he can read it. Otherwise, it's quite safe from prying eyes and especially, prying computers which cannot recognize this format.

Post2EMail.acgi/php ®

This script, which has an Applescript CGI version and a PHP version, receives posted form data and delivers it as a plain text email. Features spam protection and handles large forms. Hosting services and source code are available. FormMemory compatible.

Clickable Image Map Maker (CIMM) ®

This utility allows an HTML coder to quickly and easily generate the parameters for accurate and comprehensive client side image maps. What could take hours coding by trial and error is completed in just minutes. Intended for those with at least a fair understanding of HTML. Reported functional with MacOS, MacOSX, Windows, and Linux. Last updated April 9, 2003, now at version 0.47.

FormMemory ®

An elegant solution to the transient nature of Web forms and to the repetitive task of completing them, FormMemory allows client side, pre-submission archiving of form data. Includes a tool to convert existing forms. May be used by Websurfers, Webmasters, and Web servants alike.

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