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Posting Form Data to E-Mail
Post2EMail.php Hosting Services

LinkedResources has created an online tool for processing web form submissions and sending the information to you as a plain text email. The tool, post2email.php, has been developed and battle tested for nearly 20 years, and is flexible, powerful, and reliable.

Usage & Technical Information



Standard Plan: Script hosting, allowing sending of email, limited to 1000 emails per month (usage is monitored). $100 per year, PayPal accepted.

Professional Plan: Includes database integration with XiTouch so you can monitor usage. If you are causing more than 1000 emails per month to be sent, you must use this plan. Also includes a custom URL for post2email.php. $200 per year, PayPal accepted.

VIP Plan: Includes professional plan services for a single website, as well as form coding assistance, troubleshooting, email support, and an additional XiTouch account. This is intended for single website clients that may need more technical help for successful implementation. $300 per year, PayPal accepted.

No refunds are available under any plan.


Terms of Use

Your usage of post2email.php may be blocked without refund at the sole discretion of LinkedResources if it is used for unsolicited bulk email, pornography, or any usage which violates the law or common decency. If it is determined that usage is high (ie. hundreds of messages a day) and legitimate, you must upgrade to the Professional or VIP Plan, or your account may be cancelled at our discretion (without refund).

Usage is monitored; spam will be blocked as best we can. If the problem continues your account may be cancelled (again, without refund).



LinkedResources thrives at the intersection of Web programming and MacOS X, including customized Applescripts and PHP Web applications such as XiTouch. It you are a Mac shop and would like to explore the significant cost savings and productivity improvements which may be realized thru workflow automation with these tools, feel free to contact me. Programming charges start at $95 per hour.

Technical | Pricing | Terms of Use | Miscellaneous

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