Cron Backup Script Builder

The purpose of this page is to generate the code needed to create daily and hourly rolling backups of an important folder or file (eg. a mySQL database folder). Here's how to use it:
  1. Decide which folder (or database) or file to backup. Enter its path and name. Enter the other data as requested.
  2. Build the crontab code. Follow the instructions above the resulting text areas.
Be sure to check that the constructed paths are correct absolute Unix paths
Path in which the folder/file/db lives
( end with a slash "/" )
db/folder OR file to backup
Use of this option assumes an understanding of how to use options files to avoid password requests when mysqldump is run via cron. Learn more at mysqldumpByCron.php.
mysqldump a specific table only mysqldump
Path to back up to shortname subpath
Task Hour (24 hour clock) Task Minute (56 or less)

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