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Flagship Product


If you have ever had a Post-It note on your computer, you need XiTouch.

If the course of our daily lives, we encounter pieces of information that we realize we need to hold on to. If you are like most people, you have developed - mostly by accident and happenstance - a "system" (such as it is) for retaining such info. Unfortunately, the info ends up in multiple places and too often, when you realize months or years later that you need it, you can't find it.

Information like birthdays, addresses, recipes, passwords, notes for a project, reservation confirmation numbers, your calendar, web links, and much, much more.

Think of XiTouch (pronounced Zī'-Tŭch) as an infinite stack of smart index cards on which you can slap such information, save it, and know you will always be able to find it when you need it. The interface is straightforward and simple, but there is also a wealth of power features under the hood. It may not be possible to outgrow XiTouch.

A Little History... I developed XiTouch starting in 2002, and have been improving and enhancing it ever since. It is remarkably stable and lightning fast. The interface is designed to make access to your information as efficient as possible. It is loosely based on a 1990s era personal information manager (now defunct) called InTouch that I started using in 1993. When Apple moved to Unix nearly 20 years ago, I realized there were numerous free and powerful tools that would allow me to replicate the best of that program and add all the features I wished it had. I was able to transfer my data from InTouch to XiTouch, so I have over 25 years of my life in this program, more than 5000 records. Since XiTouch works only with TEXT data it is extremely lightweight; my own data file is still less than 5MB as on April 2019.

XiTouch runs over the Internet, so you can access your data from any Internet connected computer. It also runs on iPad and iPhone and reasonably well on other mobile platforms.

XiTouch is the most powerful, hard core useful, adaptable, and flexible personal information manager available on the planet today for any price. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. In 16 years, no one has.

XiTouch is now ready for public beta testing. Please try it. Sign up for a free account. Knowing how I procrastinate, it will probably be free forever. I'll eventually come up with a way to charge you that I guarantee will be well worth the price, but for now, just brag me up.

Other Products & Services

    CaucusNight dot com

An app for caucus night in Minnesota. Learn about it at or try the free version. It was successfully used in 2014, 2016, and 2018.

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Hosting Services

I have transferred all hosting services to We Host Macs in California. If you require web, DNS, email, database, or other hosting services, please contact Jeff McWard and mention LinkedResources.


Development Services

You can't afford us, and I don't have the time anyway, but for the record, our skillset includes MySQL, PHP, and Javascript/AJAX. Legacy skillsets include Applescript.

The LinkedResources Javascript Factory is still active, and updates are ongoing. List Manipulator and CIMM (Clickable Image Map Maker are the most useful. They are free, use at your own risk. Custom scripts will still be created on a fee or bid basis, when desired by our existing clients.

Being LinkedResources, we will continue to create and post various intellectual property gifts. The most famous addition was a new verse to "America The Beautiful," in commemoration of the attacks of September 11, 2001.

If you're looking for cartHandle, it's gone.

If you're looking for EMILY (Electronic Medical Information LYaison), it's gone too.

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